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Weekly Blessings:Week 63:Stop Sugar-Coating!

We can’t just tell people that “God loves us, He cares for us, He wants us to succeed!”

That’s true, that’s very true. But what about God scolding us when we’re wrong in order for us to succeed? What about Him allowing us to hit rock bottom because He loves us?

We have to tell the truth. The Bible says,”People perish from a lack of knowledge,” right? Then we should know and understand that people need to know the whole truth!

So many people leave the faith because all they were told is that,”Hey, believe in God and you’ll go to Heaven!” They’re never told that they need to abandon their old lifestyles out of love for the Father. They’re never told that there will come a time when they may be persecuted for believing. They’re never told that Christianity isn’t easy.

So why are we surprised when people crack under pressure? We’re so busy sugar-coating everything that we haven’t even prepared our soldiers for battle!

We have to be able to talk about the good and the bad! We have to speak the truth!

But it starts with us Christians first.

1. Before all else, we have to know and understand the word of God for ourselves,because a lot of us are walking around here ignorant and oblivious,yet still trying to tell others about a God we don’t even know.

2. We need to “study to show ourselves approved first.” Then we need to go out and tell people the good news – we were all sinners,yet Jesus died for us all!

3. We need to be honest. Being a Christian,especially in this time, is hard! But it’s so worth it!

It’s time out for telling people that Christianity is all rainbows and butterflies,because it’s not. But Christianity also isn’t so rigid that there’s no room for compromise (church folk!). We need to show the reality of things and allow people to decide from there.

God doesn’t force anyone into anything, and neither should we.

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