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The Black Panthers, Beyonce, and Black Lives Matter: Tomi Lahren vs. Charlamagne Tha God

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When I saw this topic floating around social media yesterday, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to discuss this or not; however, when I watched the video, I realized that this is actually something that should be addressed.
Let’s get some background on the story and then I’ll let you watch what happened.
So basically, TV host Tomi Lahren was on her show, The Blaze, when she started discussing Beyonce’s Superbowl performance.
Let’s pause here for a second.
I’m honestly over people talking about this performance. Everyone is saying it’s anti-police and, in some cases, anti-white….I disagree. All she did was perform her song, which if you listen to the lyrics, discusses more than just police violence, and honor the anniversary of The Black Panthers. That’s it. Not much else to it. 
Moving on…
Basically, Lahren argued that Beyonce was promoting the “violent” agenda of The Black Panthers. Charlemagne Tha God heard about her argument and decided to give her the title of “Donkey of the Day” on The Breakfast Club where he is a co-host.
Tomi decided to invite Charlemagne on her show for a friendly debate. Check it out below:

Interesting debate, am I right?
But I have some issues with what she said:
  • The Black Panther Party did not promote violence. The Black Panthers wanted to help their community, their fellow African Americans. Granted, there probably were some who wanted violence – there’s always at least one person who wants to be militant in every group. But the primary goal of the group was to help African Americans. It is the stories that the FBI told about the group that spread around to people like Lahren that led to their downfall and bad reputation in history.
  • The Black Lives Matter Movement, in a way, is similar. They march, the stand outside of courthouses, the perform peaceful protests. Again, there are always a few who feel like we need to hurt and steal to get our point across, but not everyone feels that way. Like Charlemagne said, you can’t look at one or two and judge the whole group. Besides, mentoring programs, soup kitchens, and more have been created in the name of Black Lives Matter.
  • Black-on-Black Crime – We get it; we know we kill each other. And African Americans have spoken out about that. We need to be the change we want to see, we know! But again, she can’t pick on people like Jay-Z because of their past. That’s their past and they’re making moves to correct that life and do something for their communities. And we’re not the only race killing each other…..
  • And lastly, she must have not watched the PBS special. It was quite informative.
I’m not trying to call Lahren out or call her stupid or anything like others have, but it is obvious that she doesn’t know the whole story. 
This debate shows just how much work really needs to be done in regards to race in America, in my opinion. 
What was your opinion on the debate? Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

One thought on “The Black Panthers, Beyonce, and Black Lives Matter: Tomi Lahren vs. Charlamagne Tha God

  1. I personally felt like she "thought" she did her homework on the black panthers, but she did not study hard enough. There are plenty of performers who have performed with confederate flags….heck let's look at this too…performers who did openly satanic acts, overly sexual acts, and even homes equal acts in their performances. When I watched beyonce ' s performance I personally did not even think of the black panthers….we all know she is about girl power…but anyway, just as she is free to voice her opinion on her tv show…beyonce is free to perform what and how she wants. So i am just over this. It's not just black Americans that have issues. It's America period. Instead of worrying about a performance…she needs to worry about school shootings, terrorism, police brutality, etc. I wonder what she thinks about the presidential election? Donald Trump is spewing trash out of his mouth every….single….day. Wonder what she thinks about that?

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