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Weekly Blessings:Week 80: He Still Did It

Good morning, loves! We made it to 2016!
Last night I was on Periscope watching Steffan Greatness, who is an awesome pastor and who also enlightens me every time I listen to him. But any-who, he was speaking last night and wound up making a point that was so profound to me that I couldn’t help but share.
The main topic last night was love. Greatness made a point about how we need to truly learn what love is – love is when you get to the point with someone where you can love them even when they are unlovable. The guest he had on the scope furthered his point by saying something along the lines of this:

Love is a risk and a sacrifice. Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to die for us – He was willing to SACRIFICE His life, knowing that some of us wouldn’t believe in Him – that’s a huge risk.
Greatness also added this:

We must love each other the way God loves the church – the church messes up, the church rejects Christ, the church doesn’t always return the love, yet God always welcomes them back and continues to love them, despite what they’ve done.
Isn’t that amazing?
Of course as Christians we all know that Jesus died on the cross for us, but it didn’t really seem to register and really settle in my spirit until I heard this.
“For God so loved the world,” that he SACRIFICED His only son…..who SACRIFICED His life to save the entire world(John 3:16).
He knew that people would still sin.
He knew that people still wouldn’t accept Him.
He knew that people would be saying the GD-word.
He knew that He would be dying for people who would choose to be atheists and satanists.
He knew that church people would claim to be Christians, yet still would be living in sin.
He knew that people would become Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, ect.
He knew that people would say He was just as real as Santa.
He knew that people would step away from the faith.
But He still did it. He didn’t want to do it, but the love He had for us outweighed that(Luke 22:42, Matthew 26:39, Mark 14:36).

Christ died so that we – whether we accepted Him or not – could live!
Do you understand how huge that is?
He RISKED His life for us….for all of us. 
Amazing. Simply Amazing. Oh, how He loves us! Praise God!
Israel & the New Breed – Oh How He Loves Us
Have a blessed week, in Jesus’ name!!

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