14 Jun, 2024

FOMO No ‘Mo!

Hey peeps! How’s it going? Image Credit: HerCampus Today I want to talk to you guys about an epidemic that is sweeping the nation and impacting young people everywhere – FOMO. What is FOMO, you ask? It’s The Fear of Missing Out, and it’s serious, I tell you! Serious! Living in a small town, it’s […]

2 mins read

Weekly Blessings:Week 82: Faith Features with Malik “MKJ” Johnson

Happy Sunday, WB Family! This week I’m coming to you guys with another round of “Faith Features!” Not sure what I’m talking about? Well “Faith Features” is a section here on The Pen & the Needle where I highlight individuals who are doing wonder things for the faith!This time we have Malik Johnson, a 23-year […]

5 mins read