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Weekly Blessings:Week 71:Being Broke (Part 2)

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Hey guys! Welcome back!

If you stopped by last week, you remember we talked about the significance of being broken. You should also remember that I had a second part of the lesson that I was waiting to share with you! Well now, the time has come for the big reveal!


Now remember how we talked about the many definitions of “broken?”

  • Violently separated into parts, 
  • Disrupted by change,
  • Discontinuous, 
  • Interrupted, 
  • Cut off,
  • Disconnected, 
  • Subdued completely,
  • Reduced in rank

Keep those in mind.

We understand  the significance of the feeding the 5,000 and the significance of us Christians being broken, but there’s one thing we haven’t mentioned yet:

Jesus’ brokenness.

Jesus was pretty much broken his entire life, if you think about it:

  1. I mentioned last week how his conception changed the rest of Mary’s life.
  2. He was born in a manger, thus reducing him in rank
  3. All throughout his life and ministry his spreading of the Word changed and subdued people.
All of this led up to Jesus’ ultimate brokenness – his crucifixion.

Jesus was beaten, cursed, spit on, laughed at – why? All for us! 

Jesus’ ministry was interrupted and disrupted by change due to his arrest.

Jesus was cut off from his family and friends.

The people reduced him in rank and attempted to subdue him by mocking him and even choosing to release a murder before him.

While on the cross, Jesus was forced to be disconnected from God, his own Father.

Jesus had to be broken in every kind of way possible to save us!

But you know what’s interesting?

“These things happened in fulfillment of the Scriptures that say, ‘Not one of his bones will be broken,'” – John 19:36

This would seem to be just a simple prophecy, but it’s so much more than that! Check this out:

For the LORD protects the bones of the righteous; not one of them is broken! – Psalm 34:20

This was not only a prophecy, but an example!

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Bend, but don’t break?” I’m sure you have.

But have you ever thought about what the word “bend” means? Look at these definitions:
  • Direct or devote (one’s attention or energies) to a task
  • Force or be forced to submit
Isn’t this what Jesus did too? 
  • Jesus directed and devoted his energy and attention to the task he was put on this earth for.
  • Jesus, though he didn’t want to do it, forced himself to submit and become less than us
Jesus was bent – emotionally, spiritually, and physically – but none of his bones were broken! This was a sign to the devil! The devil though he had won, but what he didn’t realize was that God would still be victorious in the end!

Jesus bent so we wouldn’t break!

He went through all of that so we wouldn’t have to! He showed us and the devil that, no matter what curve balls the devil may throw at us, we will not be swayed as long as we stay rooted in Him.

Isn’t that amazing?!

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