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Weekly Blessings:Week 69: Faith Features with Timon Clark

I have something special for you this Sunday!

I have started a new series on “Weekly Blessings” called “Features,” where we talk to Christian artists, musicians, leaders, average Joes, ect. and feature them and their accomplishments in he faith! I wanted to really give you guys more personal insight and highlight you guys as readers, so here it is!

Today, our first featured guest on “Faith Featured” is Timon Clark! Timon, better known as Godz Warriah, is a Christian rap artist with a message to share! The Memphis native comes from a long line of musicians, so the gift was in his blood. Though straying and embracing the secular side of music during his young adult years, Clark was eventually able to return to God and spread His word through Christian rap. He now leads souls to Christ through his music, teaching, and spoken word.

1. Give us a little bit of your testimony – what led you to Jesus? 
~To make a long story short, I got saved when I was 6. When I got to college I got involved in some things that brought me to a mental state of depression, guilt, and shame. I had rebelled
against God most of my adult life. Yet, In my darkest hour when no one else could help me, I called on Him and He answered!! When He said He’ll never leave you or forsake you, He wasn’t lying!!

2. What made you decide to pursue Christian rap? 
~ I would have to say going to youth rallies at different churches and seeing all kinds of young people being influenced by Christian Rap. As a teenager that was really appealing to me.

3. What is your process? How do you prepare to write your music? 
~I just basically pray and ask God what is it that He wants me to say. I then create a beat for the song. Lastly, I listen to the beat over and over until the lyrics come.

4. What motivates you to keep going and making music? 
~What motivates me is the sacrifice that Jesus made for me on Calvary. Also, seeing how music can really influence people, I want to keep using this music to give them the answer to all of their problems and that’s a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

5. Who are your musical influences? 
~My musical Influences are My father Pastor Derek Clark, my late grandmother Fannie Cole Clark, and my uncles Jackie and Jason Clark. Rappers would be Bizzle, Lecrae, Mr. Del and the Holy South, D.C.P. and the list goes on.

Mr. Del

6. What’s your favorite song that you’ve done to date? 
~My favorite song would have to be this song I wrote entitled: “Second Chance.”

7. Who is your favorite Christian rap artist right now? 
~BIZZLE!!!!!! GodOverMoney4Life Lol


8. There’s a somewhat thin line between Christian and secular Hip Hop. How do you keep from crossing that line? 
~ Basically what I do is keep the focus on Jesus Christ and His gospel. I keep reminding myself that this has nothing to do with me but everything to do with Him!!

9. What is your ultimate goal for your music? 
~ My ultimate goal is not to see how many records I can sell, nor how much I can hype up a crowd. I want these people to know this God personally who they hear me rapping about. I want them to understand that they have been bought with a price through the blood of Jesus Christ. Through Him they can be made a new creation.

10. Do you have any upcoming projects that we should know about? 
~ Oh Yes!! I have a Mixtape called “The Good Soldier” coming out next year!!!

Special thanks again to Timon for being so gracious and taking time out to talk with me!

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Check out the Official Music Video for his single  **KINGDOM**

Download his album, “Eternal Redemption,” for Free
HERE: www.datpiff.com/GODZWARRIAH-Eternal-Redemption-Mixtape.711932.html

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