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Pink October

It’s Pink October, folks!
Not sure what I’m talking about? Well October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! To help spread awareness and aid the cause, The Pen & the Needle is participating in Pink October to help gain support!
Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the 2nd deadliest cause of death for women. According to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in every eight women will be diagnosed in their lifetime and approximately 40,000 women will die from the disease every year. This is not some rare disease you guys – this is serious. Women all over the world are being plagued by this disease EVERY DAY.

Another scary fact: men can also be diagnosed with this disease. Although diagnosed at a much lower rate than women, studies estimate that at least 400 men die from breast cancer every year.

These numbers are alarming and should really put things into perspective for everyone – this is why early detection is so important. Getting mammograms or self-checking is of extreme importance – your life depends upon it.

This cancer does not discriminate based on race, age, or even gender. Regardless of who is impacted, it is an immense blow to those diagnosed and their families. It must be stopped.

Glamulet has decided to take this issue on headfirst by starting a campaign to help fund research! To help earn money for the cause, they created Pink Limited Edition Charms.  For every set that is sold, half of the proceeds are donated to the cause. How awesome is that?!

So please head on over to Glamulet and purchase a charm. You will be aiding a very worthy cause if you do so. Help us eliminate breast cancer for good!

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