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20 Reasons Why Book Project

Hey ladies! This one’s for you! I am a part of an exciting new project that I would love for you to participate in!

20 Reasons Why I Love Girl Power(And You should Too) is the first in a series of books by new author, Carletta S. Hurt, designed to recognize the power in girls. It is a compilation of words that she has found and seen that exude “girl power.” It harnesses the top 20 reasons girls are amazing individuals and why we must take time to celebrate, encourage, and uplift them. The book is slated to be out by the beginning of next year.

Now that you know a little bit about the project, here’s what we want from you: 

  • Written pieces – We are looking for you to tell us a little bit of your story, what girl power means to you, and what makes you feel like a powerful girl/woman.
  • Pictures – We are looking for drawings or pieces of photography that exemplify girl power/female empowerment.
  • Videos – Tell us your name and what girl power represents to you/why you are a powerful woman.
*The ad below also gives more prompts for you to work with*

Our target audience is girls/women ages 10 – 50. We especially want to target women that work with girls or who have a passion/interest around girl empowerment.

Now, don’t think you have to be a celebrity or have an epic story to be considered for the book – we want girls and women from all walks of life to share with us! We are most intrigued by honesty and creativity, so be genuine and show us who you are!

For more information about the project or to keep up with the progress, email girlpowermovement@gmail.com or follow In The Loop Program on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You may also comment below with questions or email me personally at starksjessica2013@gmail.com!

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