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Weekly Blessings:Week 66:Announcements & Other Business

Good morning!
Today, once again, we’re still talking business. Bear with me, folks! “Weekly Blessings” was completely God-inspired and I truly believe that this could turn into something great. I really feel like this is my unique form of ministry, and in order to reach more people and lead people to Christ I need help! Help me understand what you guys’ wants and needs are – I want to know you! I want to be the best I can be for you!
I want to remind you guys to fill out the “Weekly Blessings” Survey! The series is nothing without you, so I want to hear what you have to say!
I will be bringing some WBQ’s back really soon, because I had some good feedback from that series. I like hearing you guys talk to me, so I happily will continue.  I was also told that you guys like it when I discuss people of the Bible so I will start doing that too.
Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that I will try to start doing little contests and giveaways!
I have also been thinking about doing a “Ask a Pastor/Leader/Ect,” giving attention to some great Christian leaders, movie/video makers, musicians, ect. What do you think? I even considered doing a sort of music post every certain Sunday to expose you guys to some new Christian music coming out too. Just let me know what you guys think about that!
I am accepting guest posts again! Anybody can contribute, so don’t think that you have to be a blogger to send me a post – if God asked you to share it, don’t be afraid to!
I promise that this will be the last post I will make for a while discussing “Weekly Blessings” affairs – next week I will get back to bringing you guys great content! Just wanted to make sure that I was still giving you guys what you wanted!
So again, go fill out the survey or comment below what your thoughts and opinions are on the series! Also, PLEASE share about the series with you friends, family, and everyone else in between – help me share God’s word with as many people as possible!
Have a blessed week, in Jesus’ name!

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