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Weekly Blessings: Week 58: Get Stupid

On my way back home from Wisconsin (I’ll tell you about my vacation in another post), I had a sort of random revelation on the train:
Don’t think I’m telling you to just go through life, not using any sense or basic logic. I’m just saying that sometimes, we just have to go out on some extreme faith and just trust God with our lives or circumstances.
I’ll use myself as an example – as most of you know, I earned my Associate’s degree this past May. However, I made the decision to not move forward to a university. Every time I would tell someone about my decision, they would be like, “…oh. Okay then.” or “Why? You’re so smart! Why stop now?” These comments really discouraged me and made me wonder if I was really making the right choice. Thankfully I have a great mother and sister who told me to take it to God and ask him for guidance. After much prayer, God told me to just sit this year out. I had no idea what I was gonna do, how I was gonna work, or even where I would go back to school; all I knew was that God told me not to go to school, so I was gonna be at home this fall.
Long story short, just this summer God has shown me why school wasn’t meant for me this year. He’s provided me with opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to pursue if school was in the mix. He’s given me such wonderful opportunities, that I’m not even sure if I’ll need that Bachelor’s degree! What would have happened if I would have listened to my peers and have tried to apply for school?
Well there’s my testimony, Lol. Let me give you a Biblical example:
Noah! Everyone knows the story of Noah! God told Noah that there was going to be flood and for him to build the ark to save his family. Was Noah a natural builder? Was Noah young? Was Noah a meteorologist? No, he wasn’t any of those things! All he was was an obedient servant to God! Noah didn’t have to plan, prepare, or seek out anything; God gave him all the tools and knowledge he needed to fulfill his purpose. What if Noah would have said, “No, I’m too old. I’ll get my sons to build it for me.” They may have been wiped out along with the rest of the world! All Noah had was his blind, stupid faith to lean on! Once he tapped into that, everything else was taken care of for him!
So what I’m trying to say is that God wants us to depend on Him – He doesn’t want us to go it alone! He gave us common sense and logic for a reason, but sometimes the things of God are so deep and profound that our minds can’t manage to fathom. We just have to take that crazy leap of faith and trust that He’ll take care of us! It may look crazy to other people, but they’ll be the ones looking crazy when God gives you your reward!
So get stupid and lean on God for your breakthrough!
Have a great week, in Jesus’ name!

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