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Taking the Road Less Traveled

It’s August, and as you all know school is starting back for students everywhere – except for me. If you’ve been following my posts or keeping up with me on social media, you know that I graduated this past May with an Associate’s degree. You may also be aware that I’ve been working on my freelancing career since I graduated.

Anyway, once you graduate from anywhere, people always congratulate you and ask you the same question: “So what’s next?”  I have no problem with that question….I used to have no problem with that question.

Everything was fine when I graduated from high school. People were a bit disappointed that I started at a community college, but they just shook it off and went along with it. That passive opinion seemed to fade once I graduated again. Everyone assumes that, since I’m young and went to a community college, that I’m going to respond by saying that I’m going on to a university when asked where I’m going next.

No, not exactly….

When a person discovers that I chose to sit out this year, their face takes on a number of expressions – shock, disbelief, disappointment, and sometimes even opposition. They may look at me like, “Why would you do that to yourself?!” They may look at my parents like, “Why would you let her do this?!” It breaks my spirit a little bit.

I get it: you don’t understand my decision; heck, sometimes I don’t understand my decision. But at the end of the day, it was my decision to make.

What I’m trying to say it that everyone has a different path, and sometimes that path just doesn’t involve school. Some people need higher-level degrees to pursue their dreams – I just so happened to take on a career field that people can do straight out of high school if they want. But not only that,

God has a plan for me that not everyone is going to be able to comprehend.

I know there are people who probably talk about me behind my back. I’m sure people have said I’m wasting my life, wasting time, or am just stupid (Never said it to me, of course). I’m sure other parents have looked  down at my parents for supporting my decision (Never said it to them, of course).

Will I ever go back? I don’t know. Do I want to go back? I don’t know. But what I do know is that the invaluable opportunities I’ve received wouldn’t be feasible if I were in school.  Besides, it’s not like I’m just sitting at home doing nothing – I am working!

Yes, seeing my classmates and friends heading off to school is a bit bittersweet at times. Yes, doubt does tend to try to seep into my mind and debate whether I made the right choice; that’s only natural. But what I am certain of is that I’m doing what I love and that God will take care of me, wherever this road of life takes me.

So if you’re like me and decided to sit out this go-round, I just want to encourage you to stand firm in your decision. Don’t allow the opinions and criticisms of other people influence your life – it’s your life! Live it the way you want to!

Make your own path and follow the road less traveled; you never know – you may inspire them to follow behind you!

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