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10 Things I Love About My Best Friend

Happy Tuesday!

I haven’t written a list post in a while, so when I found out that the Bodacious Bloggers were doing a “10 Things I Love” blog hop for their summer series, I had to jump on board!
Today marks a milestone in my friendship – my best friend and I, after 15 years, are not going to be together. We’ve been neighbors for 15 years, gone to the same schools, graduated together, and  went off to the same college. He is now moving on to a university and I am sitting out this year to pursue my goals. It’s bittersweet, but I know it’s all for the best. And no matter what, I know we’ll always be best friends. Love you, Taye!

In honor of him, I’m going to give you ten reasons why I love my best friend!

1. His Humor

Gotta love those bus rides to band competitions!

Taye is one of the craziest people you’ll ever meet, seriously. He’s always got something hilarious to say or he’s doing something that cracks you up. He can have just met someone for the first time and after five minutes they’ll walk away smiling  – he just has an awesome personality. Seriously, it’s never a dull moment with him!

2. His Faith

Representing COGIC!

One thing that I’ve always loved, and sort of envied, about Taye is his strong belief in God. Regardless of the obstacle or the battle, he always knows in his heart that God has his back every step of the way. If I ever need a prayer, encouragement, or reassurance, he always has some Godly wisdom to drop on me.

3. His Fashion Sense

The one time his trademarks were missing! Ha.

Taye, whether he means to be or not, is actually a very stylish guy! People always compliment him on his clothes and try to imitate his style – it never really works the same, though. He’s not the type to spend a fortune on an outfit, but he always winds up looking like a million bucks!

4.His Determination

Orientation at his university

Ever since I’ve known Taye he’s told me that he’s going to be a doctor and drive a BMW. Well, he’s well on his way to both! He’s never been the kind to give up; he always does everything to the best of his ability and gives it all he can.

5. His Intelligence

High School graduation

He’s a Biology major, for goodness sake! He is a beast at both math and science – two things that I have never really been strong in. And he catches on to things so quick! I don’t know how he does it!

6. His Family

College graduation with my sisters and his twin sister

His family is now my family, quite frankly. They’ve seen me grow up right along with him and they know all of my embarrassing nicknames (and refer to me as such) They’re so open and loving, and they support me just as much as he does. And my family does the same for him!

7. His Laugh

Beta Club Convention

If you don’t think he’s funny, I can guarantee that his laugh will kill you! Taye has the tendency to burst out in laughter at the quietest times. And the crazy part is that most of the time that happens, he’s laughing at me! Lol.

8. His Trademarks

See what I mean? Lol

Taye has two trademarks – his hat and his shades. Ever since our freshman and sophomore years of college, he never leaves home or his dorm without them. Okay, okay sometimes he can go without the hat. But those shades….I think I forgot what his eyes look like! Haha, just kidding.

9. His Loyalty

Wind Band Tour

The entire time we’ve been friends, I’ve never had to question Taye’s loyalty. Most of the time friends have their issues and grow apart, but Taye and I have never had that problem – we’ve always been tight. And even when he made new friends, he never forgot about his original ones. That’s true loyalty right there.

10. His Future

One of my favorite pictures of us 🙂

My best friend is so amazing. Everything he’s stated that he wants in life is right at his fingertips. With his skill, faith, and motivation, God can’t help but give him all the desires of his heart. Whatever path he takes in life I know he will be beyond successful and I’ll always be proud of him. 🙂

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