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Weekly Blessings: Week 54: Asking God (WBQ)

Good morning, dear friends!

This week we have another “Weekly Blessings” question(WBQ)! This past week I posted the question to people on social media to see what they had to say. I have recorded a few of the answers below to get your wheels turning. Feel free to answer in the comments below or even respond to one of the answer that were posted!

Here was this week’s question:

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

If I could ask God one question, I think I would ask Him if I’m on the right track. We all want to make it into Heaven, but we all know that there are some people who, because of their good works and titles, believe that they are a shoe-in. There are also some people who believe that they aren’t “holy” enough to make it in. I just would like to be reassured by God that what I’m doing is on track.

Below are a few answers some of you guys gave:

~ Why do you love me? I know you made me, but why? – Carrie P.

~ Why would He have His only begotten Son suffer sooo much so that we could live? How come He just didn’t destroy us? Real Talk! – Tina G.

~ When will my breakthrough happen? – Maria H.

~ What does your voice sound like? – Ann C.

~ I would ask, ‘How am I doing so far?’ – Myra S.

~ I would ask why He allows so much suffering. Unbelievers take that as a sign of His non-existence because in their minds a loving, compassionate God would never allow harm to come to those who serve Him. – Denice N.

~ I would ask Him to share with me the exact date and time when Yeshua will return. And if I can share it with my friends. – Alana P.

Now it’s your turn: what would you ask God, if given the chance? Let me know in the comments what you would say! Have a great week!
If you’d like to share something (Bible verse, a song, a question…anything!) that God has put on your heart or have a question or comment you would like to share, you’re more than welcome! If you’re interested in writing a post for “Weekly Blessings,” or offer an opinion or topic suggestion, get in touch with me via FacebookTwitter, or Email; you can also simply comment below and I’ll make sure to get back with you!

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