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I saw Tye Tribbett!!

Guess what, guess what?!
I saw a famous person a week or so ago! Yes I, Jessica Starks, got the chance to see a real-live celebrity last week! Who did I see, you ask?
It was Tye Tribbett!!
Image Credit: Path Megazine
Tye Tribbett is an award-winning gospel singer! He’s best known for songs like “No Way,” “If He Did it Before…Same God,” and “He Turned It.”
…and this simple blogger was able to see him live and in person!

Stole a few pictures from my sister…thanks Gabby! 🙂 Lol.
There was a program in a town near mine that had him as the featured speaker. There were also a number of gospel groups there who were awesome (Men of Integrity and Denise Naugle  are two that performed; they can be found on Facebook) – they really set the atmosphere for Mr. Tribbett to speak!
He spoke a message that had bits and pieces that resonated with everyone. Here are just a few of the many things he spoke on:
  • You’re not delivered unless you reach a new place/another level
  • “Learn to walk wounded.”
  • God will multiply your attempts if you just try
  • Swag with no substance
  • The meanings of Praise(to speak well of) and Worship(sacrifice/to kill something)
  • “Sacrifice always makes a noise”
See how powerful those things are? And those are just a few of the short notes I took! 
At the end of the program, he brought all the youth to the front and prayed a great prayer for our generation.
The whole program was powerful, and you couldn’t help but to feel even more compelled to seek God’s face afterwards. I’m really glad I went!
Not to mention that I can now say that I’ve seen an actually celebrity in the flesh! 
Have you ever had the chance to see a celebrity? Tell me about it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “I saw Tye Tribbett!!

  1. I was not familiar with Tye Tribbett. I checked out his music and he is really good. Thanks for introducing me to him and his music.

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