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Hitler, the Artist

This may sound super geeky, but sometimes I just like to sit and read biographies of random famous people. We may think we know everything about certain celebrities or historical figures, but we really don’t.

For instance, did you know that Hitler – yes, Adolph Hitler – wanted to be an artist? Well he did!
As a teenager, Hilter had aspirations of having a successful art career. As a result, he decided to travel to Vienna and go to art school. However, his dream was cut short when he failed the entrance exam of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Attempting to stay optimistic, young Hitler tried again the next year – he still, unfortunately, came up short.

After his dreams were crushed by the academy, he eventually returned home and became the man that we all know him as today. It really makes you wonder – what would have become of him if he would have been accepted? Guess we’ll never know…

But I must admit, he did have talent:

“The Hermann’s New Millhouse”

“The Munich Opera House”

“The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich.” – 1914


See?  He actually had some skill!

After he was rejected from the academy, he did paint postcards for tourists to help make money, since he spent his entire inheritance from his father pursuing his dream. So there were a few people who actually appreciated his work.

Just really makes you wonder,though…

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