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Weekly Blessings: Week 53: Angry Christians

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This week’s title may sound crazy, but I promise that it’s not as bad as you think!
I was reading my devotional for the day that discussed things that Christians need to abandon for spiritual growth – this particular day just happened to be talking about anger. Although it was somewhat a reminder at first, I did find it to be pretty interesting.
Of course, we all know that anger isn’t a good thing. A number of scriptures makes this apparent:
However, did you realize that there is another kind of anger, a “good” anger? This type of anger is called righteous indignation.
Righteous indignation is anger that is directed towards things that are not of God. So this would be things like child abuse, murder, homosexuality, blasphemy, and so on. This, in my opinion, could also go for anger towards satan for things he has done. This anger is basically for things that would anger God. A good example of this is when Jesus got mad at the people who made a marketplace out of the temple(Matthew 21:12-13). Another example could also be when David was fussing in Psalms(139:19-22). I’m sure Jesus experienced a bunch of righteous frustration and anger during His walk on the Earth. I mean, can you blame Him?!
So next time you get mad at someone, think about it this way:
Righteous Indignation 
Unrighteous Indignation
Have a great week! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Blessings: Week 53: Angry Christians

  1. Hee-Hee! I loved your example gif. Yes you are right about righteous indignation, but so rarely do people actually exercise the righteous part.

  2. This is a great reminder! People often want to gloss over what makes God angry and pretend that He's not capable of anger. It's true He's a God of mercy, but He's also a God of justice.

  3. I LOVE your visual. I only wish I had thought of the comparison.

    I'd add too, why don't we as Christians have that same righteous indignation over gossip, gluttony, and materialism (to name a few). The list you mention makes it easy for us to compare…we think these more "minor" sins pale in comparison to child abuse, murder, homosexuality, and blasphemy. We'd like to think that we aren't capable of the more "heinous" list, when in reality they all carry the same weight for the man on the cross.

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