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Product Review: InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask, Emu Oil, & Retinol Serum

Can you believe I’m back again with yet another InstaNatural product review?!

This time I was able to review the Dead Sea Mud Mask, Emu Oil, and Retinol Serum. Big shout out to my sister Larissa, of Photography by Larissa, for the fantastic product photos!

First up we have the Dead Sea Mud Mask. This stuff was actually really amazing! It works just like any other mud mask, but it really makes you feel refreshed! After taking the mask off my skin felt so smooth and clean! Not to mention the afterglow! I only use it once a month, much to the recommendation of InstaNatural, but I am in love with this product!

Now this stuff is awesome! I had never really heard too much about Emu Oil until recently, so I wasn’t sure what to expect! But I was pleasantly surprised! Emu Oil is known to have all kinds of good stuff to aid in hair thickening, shine, and growth and it proved to really work! I’m not trying to gross you out, but the oil almost looks like spit, but it’s not really greasy. This stuff mixed with Argan Oil does wonders for my hair!

Last is the Retinol Serum. The aim of this product is the help reduce and reverse the signs of aging, and I have to say I think it helped! Although I mainly tried this one out on myself, I can say that it did improve my skin as a whole. It may seem that this bottle could be used up quickly, but this stuff seems to last FOREVER, making it well worth the price!

*This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker.  However, all thoughts and opinions in this post are mine.

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