Did Our Generation Really Let the Music Die?

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How’s it going?! Me? Pretty good, pretty good…

Anyway, I wanted to share this article I read a while back with you guys. The article is from The Elite Daily and discusses how our generation, with our technological advancements and our ability to find loopholes around acquiring music, has single-handedly killed the entire music industry.Click here to read the entire article.

*GASP* Could this be true?!

In a way I’d honestly have to agree with this because, as they noted in the article, the era of CDs, tape players, ect.. is gone. Completely gone. Now we have things like iTunes and Spotify, which has basically taken the excitement out of album covers and collector’s edition albums – it’s a tragedy.

As the author also stated, artists basically thrive off of hype. Album sales do nothing for them anymore – concerts, events, ect are their main sources of money now. That is why people advocate so much for people to buy albums and arrest people who illegally download music – it’s taking away from them. So next time we wonder why record stores no longer exist and why your favorite artist won’t come to your city, think about the last time you actually bought a CD or bought concert tickets the right way (cause everybody knows “a guy” who always manages to get some tickets some kind of way).

I know I’m probably not the best person to talk about this, since I was born in the time when CDs were already dying out. However, I do still see its importance and significance to musical culture. Not to mention the fact that artists and their teams are now bombarded with lawsuits because, since nobody is making money, they decide to claim someone stole their idea, sue, and get all the change they can. Nobody wants to share anymore!

Sometimes technology doesn’t always improve everything. But maybe that’s just me…

What do you guys think?

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