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Weekly Blessings: Week 33: The Island Question

Welcome back to “Weekly Blessings!”

This is actually the first week in about a month that I’m actually the one giving a blessing, so I’m excited! Thanks again to all of those who have written a guest post thus far! There’s more to come, so just stay tuned!

Anyway, I wanted to come up with a Valentine’s Day-themed post, but God wasn’t necessarily leading me in that direction, so I wanted to show you guys this interesting video I found by The Trackstarz, called “The Island Question.” Basically, you are given a scenario about you, an engaged person, being shipwrecked on an island with a person of the opposite sex. Being that you don’t believe there is no sign of rescue, you and the person decide to get married. Later, you are rescued and you return back to normal life. Do you continue on as normal and return to the person you were engaged to, who was waiting for you the whole time, or do you stay committed to the person you married on the island? Click below to hear the follow-up questions and the other people’s responses.

Why did I chose this video? Because it really does give you insight into what values you hold higher than others and it is a true test of love an commitment. Nowadays, real Christian love isn’t seen in anything, let alone in relationships. Use this video as a fun means of opening your eyes to some things you may possibly need to work on and as a lesson of what real commitment truly is.

What would you do in the scenario created by The Trackstarz? Why? Try this on someone else and get their answers!
Jor’Dan Armstrong & Keyondra Lockett – Believer
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