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Ask Away Friday with Echo from The Mad Mommy

I’m baack! Welcome to another Ask Away Friday!

If you haven’t looked at the calendar yet, it’s Friday the 13th! *dum dum dum*

In celebration, my partner for the week and I decided to do a Friday the 13th theme!
This week I swapped with Echo, over at The Mad Mommy.  Echo is a wife, mother, blogger, and “lunatic” – didn’t want you guys to think I was calling her crazy myself ha! Plus she has a cool name! Anyway, her blog is full of fun crafts, recipes, tips, and fun reads! Go check her out!

1. It’s Friday the 13th! What is your first thought?
~ Uhh….13th of Friday? Lol. I usually don’t see it’s significance until someone else points it out. I’m boring, I know LOL.

2. Superstitions, do you believe in them?
~In general I don’t, but I do catch myself sometimes hating to step on a crack or avoiding walking under a ladder from time to time!

3. Have you ever encountered back luck on Friday the 13th?
~Well, I have a Philosophy quiz today and I can’t go home for the weekend until tomorrow because of a honor band clinic that I have to play for, so…I guess I’m currently experiencing it!

4. What is one of your most memorable hair-raising experiences?
~One moment I remember is when I fed my niece for the first time. All of a sudden she started choking and my heart stopped! Ha. I thought I had killed her! She was okay, but I refused to even hold her again for a while.

5. A black cat crosses your path, what do you do?
~ I think, “Hey, a cat!” and keep it moving ha.

6. Do you have a “lucky item or number”?
~Mmm….not really. But I do love things to either be in even numbers for some reason.

7. What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?
~Well, I just found the chain that went with my wallet. I lost it at school before Christmas and found it in the parking lot yesterday! That was pretty lucky ha.

8. What is the unluckiest thing?
~ I’m not really sure. I always wind up having a test on Friday the 13th, so I guess that’s the unluckiest thing.

9. Do you believe in fate or destiny?
~ Hmm…yeah. I believe in Psalm 37:23,so as long as you stay in line with God it’ll all work out, because He’s in control. I hope that answered the question….Lol.

10. What will you be doing on Friday the 13th?
~ Going to class and then playing for the honor band kids! After that….nothing ha.

Hope you enjoyed this week of Ask Away Friday! Thanks again to Echo for the swap; I had a lot of fun!

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