What’s in a Name?

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You all know how much I love reading random articles and YouTube videos. Well here we go again!

I recently stumbled upon a video by BuzzFeed entitled, What Boys Think of Girl Names. In the video, a group a guys sit down, hear some female names, and discuss what their opinions are on certain female names.

And if you didn’t think it could get more interesting. I discovered that they turned the tables! Below is What Girls Think of Boy Names.

I found both of the videos entertaining and interesting. It’s amazing what people assume simply from hearing a name! Nobody was shown a picture of a girl named Jess or a guy named William; they just saw the name and made their assumptions.

This brings up the question: can the name parents give their children influence the way their child will turn out or be perceived? Why is it okay for people to name their children Jesus but not Adolph? Why do people respect the name Leah more than the name LaTisha? Why are employees more likely to hire Jason than Jerome?

Names are indeed a powerful thing that people really  need to think about when passing them along.

What do you think? How important is a name?

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