Rae Sremmurd: Hometown Heroes

Today, I decided to jump on the pop culture bandwagon for a minute. 

I decided to talk about Rae Sremmurd because, well, they’re the biggest thing to come out of Mississippi right now. “No Flex Zone,” “No Type”…..that’s them! If you haven’t heard those songs, you’re living under the biggest rock in the world, and you really need to come out from under it!

Anyway, I’m sure you’re still wondering what made me decide to join in on the conversation about these two. Well, because they’re from Tupelo,MS – a large city compared to my super small town of Pontotoc, which so happens to be about 30 minutes away. Usually, Tupelo is only known for being the birthplace of The King of Rock ‘N Roll, Elvis Presley, but Rae Sremmurd came in and brought new attention to the area.

So basically they’re my, along with a bunch of other 13-25 year old southern kids’, hometown heroes.

No, I’m not from the same town they are. No, we did not go to high school together. No, I never was best friends with or dated their cousin’s sister’s brother’s baby mama’s nephew. I’m not even gonna say that I partied with them when they came back home for the holidays – because I didn’t; I’m not that cool. I’m not gonna try to make up any elaborate story about how well I know them or how I met them randomly, therefore it’s as if I know them. I’m not that desperate for views, LOL.

I don’t know anything about these guys whatsoever, other than the fact that they are two young men from a town in the South and, with hard work and dedication to their craft, wound up making the whole state proud. They have proven to other young people that it is very possible to live in the South and pursue their dreams successfully. I’m not sure if they realize it, but they have given hope back to the young people of Mississippi.

We are so used to being told that we are the fattest, dumbest, most likely to be teen parents, and basically….most likely to fail. It’s refreshing to finally see someone prove the world wrong for once.

So, in conclusion, Khalif and Aaquil, I applaud you and wish you guys all the best. No matter what, you have already put Tupelo back on the map and made us all proud. God bless.

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