Guest Post: “Positive Thinking” by Jenny Finney

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Those of you who are devoted followers of The Pen & the Needle know that I usually take on guest posts for my “Weekly Blessings” series, but I’ve never had anyone just do a casual guest post for me. Well, I can happily say that things have changed; today, I am happy to present to you The Pen & the Needle’s first regular guest post! Yay!

Today’s guest post comes from Jenny Finney, blogger over at Not Just Another Southern Gal. Her blog features various product reviews, recipes, DIY projects, couponing tips, and much more! She has a really nice blog with lots of valuable information. Go pay her a visit; I’m sure she’d be happy to have you! And while you’re at it, go “like” her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram!
Positive Thinking

As the New Year rings in, we are already planning on our New Year’s resolutions. I’m not big on resolutions, as a matter of fact; I usually break one or two of them within the first month. BUT…one resolution, let me rephrase that, one GOAL I plan on for the New Year is incorporating positive thinking and actions.

I have already practiced implementing positive thinking and doing my best to stay that way, but every now and then, something will happen to mess all that up. It’s hard to stay positive in a society that we live in today. So much negativity is being broadcast on television, such as wrecks, deaths, rioting, etc.

When we think positive, we get positive outcomes. Same goes for thinking negatively. I am a firm believer; you get back what you put out. If you are constantly thinking and acting negatively, you’re going to attract the same. You attract what you send out. Not everyone believes in this concept, but I can tell you first hand, it works. Every time I think, act and stay positive, my day seems to go more smoothly. When I allow negative thoughts and negative actions creep in, it just makes my whole day bad.

Think about this for a second. Standing in line at a grocery store, you let someone go in front of you. That person turns around and thanks you and then thanks you again, when they leave. You can’t tell me that don’t make you feel good about yourself. That act of kindness will stay with you throughout the day, making you feel good about yourself when you think of that act of kindness.

Now, a negative scenario; you are on your way back to work from lunch. You are running about a couple minutes late, a car cuts you off and you start yelling (something not nice). This put you in a bad mood and then what? You hurry on back to work, stress level up and in all the madness, you find that you’ve locked your keys in your vehicle. Now, your stress level has soared. You hurry inside to clock in from lunch, and during your already busy day, you have to stop and make time to call a locksmith to come unlock your vehicle…which will probably cost you money, that could have been prevented if you would have just taken the time to slow down, breathe and let the car that cut you off, not get the best of you.

It only takes a few minutes to redirect your negative thinking into a positive one. Before you head out the door to start your day, begin by saying; “Lord, please help me be positive today. Please guide me through this day and allow me to be the best I can possibly be”. Think of something positive that makes you happy and dwell on that for just a couple minutes. Focus on that image and have it in your mind, that YOU WILL have a positive day. You may be surprised by the outcome when you practice this.

Thanks, Jenny, for your wonderful post! What did you guys think? Let her know in the comments!

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