A ‘Lil Promo Post!

Happy Tuesday! Hope all is well with you!

I just wanted to write up a short post and let you know what all is going on with me right now!

  • I am currently in the process of working with InstaNatural again for, not one, but TWO campaigns! Instead of hair products as I did in a previous post, I will be reviewing their skincare products. I’m pretty excited about that, and you should be too!
  • I’m not sure if I told you guys, but I got a freelance position with Fitness Republic, where I produce articles for their Fitness and Nutrition sections! I would really appreciate it if you guys would check out the site and my articles and show your support!
  • I’ve been working with Gossip & Gab for a while now, and if you’ve been hanging with me for this long, you know I get a lot of my inspiration from pop culture. With Gossip & Gab, I do recaps for TV shows, and this time around I am covering The Haves and the Have Nots, Mob Wives, and Married at First Sight: The First Year. So if you’re a fan of any of those shows, don’t forget to stop by every week and catch up on all the details, courtesy of yours truly!
  • I started doing campaigns on BoostInsider, which is a campaign site where you can get paid per clicks on things you share on social media! Click here or the link above to learn more about it.  
  • I am also working with someone to get a few changes going on my blog, so be on the lookout for new improvements for The Pen & the Needle as well!

As you can see, I have a good bit going on, not to mention that I’m in my last semester of college on top of all of that! It’s hectic, but I love it! Thanks for sticking with me!

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