Weekly Blessings: Week 27: Blessings of the New Year

Hey guys, today is the last Weekly Blessing of 2014! Can you believe it?!

I don’t want to make you guys wait any longer, so let’s get right into it!

With 2014 coming to a close, I wanted to give you guys a word of encouragement to take you into the New Year.

Lately I’ve been really pondering on what I want my 2015 to look like. And it seems like God has really been telling me; however, I think He is trying to tell all of us what 2015 will be like.

Over and over it has been said that 2015 is going to be very blessed. For many people, myself included, 2014 has been a very tumultuous year – God used this year to mold and shape us. Yes, it was hard, but those were growing pains. God was working on us in order to set us up for the things He has for us in this upcoming year! Yes, we may have messed up a couple of times, stumbled, or even tried to run from the lessons He was trying to teach us, but to those who remained faithful and fought through it, 2015 is going to be smooth sailing! Things are going to be RESTORED, REPLACED, and RENEWED in your life. People around you won’t understand it; heck, you won’t even understand it, but God knows what He is doing and why He is doing it!

2014, I believe was God’s way of weeding out those who didn’t go as hard for Him as they made themselves out to. 2015 will really bring to light the real and true lovers of God and those who are really trying to stay close to His word.

So if 2014 is a year you’re beyond ready to leave, don’t fret. It’s almost over! Just make sure you’re ready to experience the signs, wonders, and miracles that are about to occur in your life, especially if you’ve been a faithful servant to the Lord. 

Get ready, because I believe we are all about to be in for an interesting ride!

I’m ready for 2015, are you??

Image Credit: Deep Roots at Home

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