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Product Review: InstaNatural 100% Pure Argan Oil and Argan Oil Hair Mask

Hey guys! I’m back with another product review for you guys!

This time I am bringing you guys two products from InstaNatural: 100% Pure Argan Oil and the Argan Oil Hair Mask.

Ordering the products was really easy and simple. I went to Amazon, found the products, ect…you guys know the rest. Then my products arrived in the mail! The same day my products arrived, I received emails from the company, detailing the purpose of the products and how to properly use them, which I thought was pretty cool!

These products can actually be used in a different number of ways: leave-in conditioner, scalp treatment, lip exfoliater, face mask, ect…you name it!

The first item I used was the Argan Oil Hair Mask. Opening the bottle, the first thing about it that caught my attention was the scent – it smells SO GOOD! Literally, the smell made me want some cookies, Lol. The mask isn’t super greasy, but it doesn’t have a loose consistency either, which I really liked. My hair is really thick, but I really didn’t have to use a lot to cover my hair, which I was very impressed by.

The instructions said that your hair must be clean and towel-dried/damp before using the mask, I washed my hair first. After letting my hair dry off for a little bit, I took the conditioner and applied it to my damp hair in sections. Afterwards, the conditioner instructs you to let it sit in your hair for 15 minutes and then wash out.

Usually with most conditioners you hate having to sit with it in your hair because it is either really gunky or it smells bad; however, this conditioner was the complete opposite. I honestly hated I had to wash it out because it smelled so so good!

But after all of the conditioner was washed out, there was a noticeable change in my hair. It felt completely clean and my natural texture was emphasized.
After I finished being amazed by how my texture came out, I remembered it was time for product #2: the 100% Pure Argan Oil.

Okay, I’m just going to be honest with you guys right now: this oil can do some pretty amazing things, but as warned by the company and as I now know firsthand….it does not smell anything like the hair mask. Let me put it this way: you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this stuff is pure and organic. Can’t say they didn’t warn me though; it was in the email! But they also stated that the smell does wear off quickly, which it did!

I don’t know about you guys, but most oils that I have encountered either have your average spray nozzle, you have to squeeze the oil out, or they are in their own closed container. This one actually has a nozzle that kind of squirts out drops. Argan oil is a pretty hot commodity, so I can understand why they did this. It keeps you from wasting any too, because they also tell you how many drops to use for each individual purpose.

The oil, as you can see from the picture, it clear and really doesn’t have any distinct hue in it. It’s really loose, unlike oils such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

I liked the oil, but I really loved it when I mixed it with coconut oil. I’m not sure why, but it seemed like my hair was better coated and responded better to it mixed with my pure coconut oil rather than just applying it to my hair alone.
I also wound up trying it out on my face, lips, and nails that same night. I washed my face first, as the directions told me to, and then applied 1-2 drops of oil to my face. After finishing with my face I applied a drop to my lips and the same to my hands, including my nails. The next morning, my lips and skin felt super soft and smooth, so it’s safe to say that argan oil is a great skin moisturizer too!

I also used the oil to perform a small experiment on my mom. The oil also claimed that it was good for an itchy and dry scalp, which my mother has been dealing with lately. We massaged the oil into the worse parts of her scalp and let it sit. My mom did tell me that the oil did help keep her itching at bay.

Both the Argan oil and the hair mask proved themselves to be exactly what they claimed to be! If you’re looking for a great conditioner to help bring out your hair texture, the hair mask is perfect for you! If you’re seeking a oil that works well for everything, Argan oil is right up your alley! Both products deserve 5 stars!

Have you ever tried any InstaNatural products? What was your experience? 

*This review is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker.  Nonetheless,the thoughts and opinions in this post are all mine.

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