Blogging 12 Days of Christmas: Day #7

Hey…. 🙂

We’re over halfway through,guys! Can you believe it?

Today’s prompt is a bit easier than the last two days’ prompts. Thank Goodness!

I’m the type of person that gets more joy out of giving gifts rather than receiving gifts, so this is right up my alley! My favorite ones to give are ones that required much thought; makes it even more special to the person getting the gift! However, that doesn’t always work for everybody. Some people just need to get the job done, and I understand, so I won’t bore you to death with how you can quilt scarves and build picture frames for loved ones. Those would be nice gifts though, if you had the time. Anyway, here are a few basic gift ideas for those most special in your life!
  1. Food – You can never go wrong with food; this is one of the most universal gifts you can give! I mean, who doesn’t like to eat?! Whether it be candy, cookies, hot chocolate, or those big tins of variety-flavored popcorn, food is always meant to please the recipient!
  2. Clothes – When in doubt, clothe them! Again, everybody wears clothes….or at least, I hope they do…! This is  really good for guys too. Most guys don’t usually have a specific thing they want. When in doubt, either get a T-shirt, nice dress shirt, or a cap. Simple as that!
  3. Books – Joke books, comic books, pop-up books, picture books, print books, eBooks, the options are endless! Every family has a least one book worm, so why not give a good book? They don’t like to read, I understand your pain – that’s what picture books are for! Cousin Jerry likes nature? Get him a book detailing the different birds….WITH PICTURES! I bet he’ll like it. Have nieces and nephews? Comics, joke books, puzzle books, and pop-up books are just the thing for them! Give everyone a literary experience for Christmas!
  4. Gift Cards/Money -I saved this for last because this is the easiest one to do, especially if you have some cash to spare. Gift cards are great for people who may be picky. Wanna get your super picky sister a nice outfit? Get her a gift card to her favorite clothing store! Cousin Lewis needs new shoes, but you aren’t sure what size to get? Gift card to a shoe store, duh! This makes it easy on you because you’ll automatically know they’ll love it and they can get exactly what they want!
Those are the three basic things for everyone on your list this year! I hope this helps some of you were still stumped in your gift search, or even those of you who forgot that Christmas is next week and still need to shop! Happy hunting!

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