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Blogging 12 Days of Christmas: Day #3

Welcome back to the Blogging 12 Days of Christmas!

Every Christmas is special to me, but I’ll have to say that last Christmas is one that I’ll always be able to remember, simply because of how it made me feel on the inside.

Being the baby of the family, I used to always have to buy Christmas gifts with my parent’s money. I used to hate it because I’m the type of person who hates taking from other people and it would always stink because they had to go with me, meaning I’d have to arrange at least two rides to get all my gifts(hard to shop for someone when they are with you) or try to be sneaky and hide them ’til you got home.

But last year was different! I was finally able to buy gifts for my whole family, on my own dime and my own time!

It felt so good to finally be able to spend my own money on the people I loved! I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I was spending too much, whether or not they saw their gift, or if I would have enough time to get gifts and wrap them before Christmas! I was finally able to get things done on my on watch!

I was so excited those weeks before Christmas because I got everybody something I really thought they would like, and nobody had to help me out! It was amazing!

On Christmas Day, everybody unwrapped their gifts to find things they couldn’t believe I had thought to get! Everyone loved their gifts and thanked me for them. 

But I didn’t really need a thanks; the fact that I was able to spoil them just a little bit and make them smile, which is nothing compared to how they’ve treated me my entire life, was a gift in itself!

What is one of your favorite Christmas Memories?

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  1. The gift of responsibility and the ability to give to others are gifts in themselves without much need for recognition. Your actions prove that you are maturing into a responsible individual!

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