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Blogging 12 Days of Christmas: Day #12

 Oh no! It’s the last day of the linkup! I’m gonna miss talking to you guys everyday about Christmas! But it’s okay; there’s always next year! Now, on to the final day of the linkup:

You guys know me, when I think about holiday entertainment, you know my go-tos are the internet: articles and YouTube. 

You know me all too well!

First I’ll give you guys the article. This article from The Huffington Post lists eleven unusual requests that children had for Christmas. Their requests were quite peculiar; Click here to check it out! –> 11 Bizarre Christmas List Requests From Kids Around The World.
I’m sure most of you guys are familiar with this video by the Holderness family that went viral last year, “#XMAS JAMMIES:”
Well, Saturday Night Live did a funny spoof of it on their show:
Here is a clip from The Tracy Morgan Show, where three of Tracy’s friends attempted to created the first “soulful Christmas Carol.” It’s hilarious!
Hopefully these few things will keep you laughing into the New Year!

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