Weekly Blessings: Week 20: The Art of Forgetting

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Welcome to week 20 of “Weekly Blessings!”

I was reading an article by Tom Ascol entitled, “Forgetful Believers” that inspired today’s post. The post discussed how Christians have the tendency to so easily forget about God and all the things He has done for us. It’s really a great read; you should click the link above and check it out. If not, that’s okay; I’ll be referencing back to it throughout the post.

“Forgetfulness is a common, yet deadly spiritual disease. That is why God’s Word gives so much emphasis to calling us to remember.”

In the beginning of the post, Ascol referenced Jeremiah 18:13-25, where the Lord discusses how, although He continues to allow His people to live in safety and comfort, never allowing a thing to be taken out of place, the people of Judah still seem to forget who He is:”Yet my people have forgotten me; they burn incense to worthless idols, which made them stumble in their ways and in the ancient paths (Jeremiah 18:15).” He even referenced to Moses and the Israelites. They wandered around in the wilderness for forty years, why? Because they forgot about God! They were so busy complaining about everything else and trying to make their own way that they completely lost sight of the fact that, if it were not for God, they would have still been slaves in Egypt! 

Nowadays, some of us are still in an Israelite mentality. We’ve forgotten that God is our Savior, our Creator, our Everything! We’ve forgotten that He is Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8,22:13); omnipotent and omniscient. He’s all powerful; He Is (Exodus 3:14)! We forget what He brought us out of, and that’s why some of us are still wandering around in our own wildernesses, trying to figure out why we can’t get out of our messes. 

“That’s why we sin. We forget the wickedness of our sin and what it cost our Savior to redeem us from it. That’s why we complain and grumble. We forget the greatness of incomparable worth of all that is ours in Jesus Christ. That’s why we hesitate to forgive. We forget that God in Christ has forgiven us. That’s why we get depressed, lose hope, become joyless and settle into spiritual mediocrity. We forget Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, has conquered every one of our enemies and given us a sure future in heaven.”

We have to remember! I’m not saying remember every single detail; but if we can’t recall anything else He did for us, we need to always remember the cross. God sent His son to die for the sins of the entire world! He died for the sins of everyone person who ever walked the Earth–past, present, and future! He died for you, me, the President, your mama, your daddy…..Jesus even died for Hitler! Anybody who is willing to take one for Hitler has to be something serious (No disrespect to the family of Hitler; I’m just making a point)!

“An obedient Christian (who submits to the command to “Do this”) cannot long remain a forgetful Christian (because it is done in remembrance of Christ). Forgetfulness is a great enemy to a joyful, faithful Christian life. We must not underestimate our need for encouragement to remember Christ. And we must not neglect the very means that He Himself has given to us to do so.”

Hope you enjoyed the post! If you’d like to share something(Bible verse, a song, or a message…anything!) that God has put on your heart, please do so; you’re more than welcome! If you’d like to contribute to “Weekly Blessings,” get in touch with me via Facebook,  Twitter, or Emailyou can also simply comment below and I’ll make sure to get back with you!

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