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The 20 Facts Tag

Happy Monday, peeps! 

I was tagged to complete the 20 Facts Tag by Emma over at It’s Emma Elise. Go check her out; she has an awesome blog!

Now back to me….. 🙂 Lol

20 Random Facts about Muah:
  1. I hate talking about myself; makes me feel so….selfish. I dunno, whatever….
  2. People from the South sometimes tell me I’m too proper to live here, while Northerners can spot my southern draw from a mile away. Crazy,right?
  3. I LOVE rings for some reason. They are, besides my huge hoops I rock constantly, my favorite accessory.
  4. I tend to mumble a lot, especially when I’m thinking about something.
  5. I used to love ice cream and orange juice mixed together. Still would if it weren’t for darn acid reflux….
  6. I’m a very plain person. Don’t really like to dress up, never been into makeup. The most I do is my nails.
  7. I want to get my certification in genealogical research one day.
  8. At one point in my band career…..I wanted to play clarinet….*dum dum dum* I know, I know. But I wouldn’t trade my trumpet for anything in the world!
  9. I seriously cannot yell. I get hoarse just playing my instrument too loudly, and I can barely do that.
  10. Apparently I used to have a crush on Johnny Bravo….yes, the cartoon character. I don’t believe that, but my sister promises to this day that I did.
  11. I’ve told myself for years that I am gonna marry a Jamaican man lol
  12. I don’t smile or show emotion a whole lot. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy though.
  13. I am obsessed with pants that have a bunch of pockets on them.
  14. I love watching those Vine Compilation videos on YouTube with my friends. Anyone else?
  15. I used to play tennis, and I loved it. However, band came along and nothing else really mattered after that.
  16. I’ve never been a big weave person. The most I’ll do is braids or the crochet hair sew-in thing. Other than that, I’m content with my natural hair.
  17. I’ve always been able to grow my nails freakishly long in a short period of time.
  18. I can’t stand meatloaf!
  19. I can have a somewhat dry sense of humor and be sarcastic at times, but I don’t do it in a mean way. Just how I express my humor.
  20. I used to want to get my nose pierced, but then I remembered that I’m afraid of needles, so I gave up on that dream.
Well there you have it! Those are my 20 facts! Now, to pass the tag on to a few more bloggers:

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Do you wanna participate in the tag? You’re more than welcome to join! Leave your link below or just comment 5 random facts about yourself you’d like to share!

2 thoughts on “The 20 Facts Tag

  1. Hi Jessica! I'm visiting from the peony project Facebook group 🙂 I really like the facts you shared. So fun and creative and they highlighted how unique you are 🙂 That is a very, very good thing. I've gotta disagree about the meatloaf thing… hahah love that stuff! Great post!

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