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Insane Art

Hey y’all! I have something neat, and maybe a bit disturbing, to share with you guys today!
I was scrolling through Facebook when I found this article by Anthony Selden on Elite Daily about an artist named Bryan Lewis Saunders who decided to draw a self-portrait of himself while under the influence of a different drug everyday for a couple weeks.
It was pretty interesting. Click here to see the full article.




Saunders tried everything from Nicotine gum to Marijuana, to Hash. In the end he wound up trying out over 40 different drugs, including the three above! Even the writer can’t explain how the artist isn’t in critical condition after this experiment! Nonetheless, his feat produced a group of portraits worthy or exhibition and in-depth study. Seriously, go check out the article; it really is fascinating.
What do you think of the art? Was he crazy for doing this? Do the pictures alter your view of drugs and how they effect the body?

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