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Earth,Wind, & Fire: ICC All-American Band 2014

Happy Wednesday, peeps!

This past Saturday was Homecoming at ICC and the last time for me to march on the field with my fellow Indians(sad face). Nonetheless it was great because we had an awesome show that I wanted to show you guys!

This one wasn’t our Homecoming performance, but this was the only video I found. Still think it sounds good though! (I’m in between the right 45 and 40)

Now anyone who is a music fanatic knows Earth,Wind, & Fire(shown above); if you don’t, you live a very sheltered life and need to get out more. EWF formed in 1969 and has been pushing out classic hits for decades now. Basically, they’re music royalty! Want to learn more about them? I got you covered; click here and/or here! Also, If you weren’t sure, the songs we played were “In the Stone,” “Boogie Wonderland,” “Africano,” and “Fantasy.” I embedded links to the original versions of the songs if you wanted to listen and compare. 
The show was difficult both physically and musically, and I can say that being a trumpet player! Earth,Wind, & Fire was known for their extremely strong and powerful band, especially their brass section, so we had a lot to live up to! After much hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, we managed to pull it off!
I really did enjoy this year with the band. I hate it’s last year to play in marching band, but at least I can say we went out with a bang!

Are any of you guys in band? What kind of year did y’all have? How’d you think we did? Share a video of the show!

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