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Book Review: ‘Alex the Cat’ by Dina Porell

 Attention, all animal lovers, young and old!
If you’re team animal, Alex the Cat by Dina Porell is the perfect short story for you!
Alex the Catgives us humans a glimpse into the life and mind of Alex, a cat from Korea. Alex takes us through his life from birth to when he is adopted by his first family and later moves on.
The trials and tribulations of Alex and his family is something that even we as humans can relate to in our lives. From struggling to find meals, senseless violence, and hurtful relationships, Alex’s description of his feelings towards the situations he faces throughout the story show readers that animals feel just as we feel. In addition, Alex also helps us to understand how animals view us and why they respond to us the way they do. His background and experiences shaped the adult he became, just as it does humans. Although the story offers an unexpected ending, readers are able to leave with a bittersweet, yet enlightened and maybe even a more sympathetic inclination towards these highly intelligent creatures.
Another interesting aspect of this short story is the factual information behind it. At the end of the story, Dina Porell provides readers with information about how animal abuse and abandonment is apparent in Korea and around the world. The evidence she provides brings readers closer to Alex and allows them to develop a more emotional connection to the characters and other animals in general.
Alex the Cat is geared more towards young adult readers, but I personally believe that this story is a great read for any age. Porell took a very different approach to exposing and fighting for animals and their safety, and I commend her for that.

Author Dina Porell

Alex the Cat is available on Amazon. Dina can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and her personal blog.

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