5 Things I Learned from Being a Staff Writer

The life of a writer is a very interesting one, and when that life is combined into a career, things can get very interesting. Here are the five most important lessons I’ve learned from working for an online publication. Lesson 1: Make Sure This is What You Want to Do The biggest mistake some people make when going into any […]

Weekly Blessings: Week 16: Cornerstone

Image Credit: http://intrumpet.com/superintendentsviewpoint/the-way-the-truth-the-life/ Hello all, and welcome “Weekly Blessings!” If you’re a returning guest, welcome back and thanks for sticking with me! If you’re new here, I’m so glad you decided to stop by!  This week’s inspiration came from an unlikely source. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I absolutely love Jamaican music and culture. I especially love Jamaican […]

Insane Art

Hey y’all! I have something neat, and maybe a bit disturbing, to share with you guys today! I was scrolling through Facebook when I found this article by Anthony Selden on Elite Daily about an artist named Bryan Lewis Saunders who decided to draw a self-portrait of himself while under the influence of a different drug everyday for a couple […]

Weekly Blessings: Week 15: Purpose

Welcome to the first “Weekly Blessing” of October! Did you miss me? I’m actually trying to put titles along with the posts now! This week’s inspiration came from a short article that I read this morning, actually. The article came from OMG Facts and discussed George Eastman, inventor of the Kodak camera. Shockingly the man committed suicide. His reasoning? “My […]

Author Spotlight: Kirsten Jany

Hey guys! I’m back today with something a bit different from what I usually do: an interview! I used to write for Yahoo! Contributor Network, where I originally posted this interview, but unfortunately the network shut down this past July, taking down all of my original work (sad face). So from time to time I will re-post my old work […]