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Easy Homemade Chicken Kolaches…..Kinda

This past weekend, my mom and I decided to try out a new recipe. However, we have issues following directions. Just keep reading…

My sister, Larissa, is the queen of Pinterest and always winds up finding a new recipe that she wants to try out. She found this recipe for chicken kolaches, via Angela and Heather, over at Sports Mom Survival Guide, and decided she wanted to test it out for herself. One day after school I wound up tasting it and it turned out really well. As a result, I told my mom about it.

Mind you that my sister used the actual recipe and it turned out great,so if you wanna be boring and follow rules(kidding,kidding) that’s just fine! My mom and I are just rebels, I guess.

Instead of making them into individual biscuits, we decided to make a complete casserole; the lazy way, I guess you could say. We followed most of the rest of the rules, except we added a few ingredients: rice, broccoli, and sour cream. We put one can of biscuits on the bottom, put the filling in, and then put a second can of biscuits on the top. We then sprinkled that with cheese. We baked it until the top biscuit layer was golden brown, and there you have it! Lazy chick kolaches haha.

Here’s the picture from the site. Sorry, no pictures of our version; it was all gone by the time I thought about it!

Maybe one day we’ll learn to actually follow directions. Until then, my mom and I will continue being recipe rebels!

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