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Changes and Feedback

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been on in a while; band camp has been taking all of my time!

I just wanted to make a quick, sweet post and get you guys up to speed on what’s happening with me and the blog nowadays.

First off, if you actively follow my blog, you may have noticed that my site layout has changed a bit. If you don’t follow me…..my site has changed a bit. I’m not quite finished yet; there are still a few changes I would like to make, so if you get confused and wonder if you’re on the right blog, don’t worry; it’s still The Pen & the Needle!

Secondly, there may come some changes to my “Weekly Blessings” series. Due to school starting back and my work, I may have to change and do it every other week, or I will take a break and make more room for guest posts. I’m still trying to figure out what’s best because you guys have responded so well to it, and it’s really boosted my readership, but we’ll see. What do you think I should do?

Other than my blog changing, I have been going through a lot of changes myself. Like I said before, I am entering my sophomore year of college, I have currently started work with two publications that I am excited about, and I have made many personal changes in my life.

Basically, change is in the air!

With all that being said, I want to hear from you guys! Tell me what you think about the blog’s new look, “Weekly Blessings,” post suggestions, and anything else you think I need to know! You guys keep me going, and I want to keep you happy! Voice your opinions below!

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