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Back to School!

Hey guys! I’ve been gone a good while, huh? Well this week was the first week of my sophomore year of college, so I’ve been busy running around campus!

First day selfie 🙂

Right now I’m dealing with seventeen hours worth of classes, marching band, jazz band, The Pen & the Needle, and my two magazine gigs, so I apologize for not posting much this week!

I honestly was kind of nervous to begin with! I was so scared that I found myself looking back on a guest post I did for From Campus With Love, which discussed what and what not to do freshman year of college! If you are a freshman and still need help, go check out that article(shameless self-promotion….I think so!). But after I got moved in and got adjusted, I was just fine! Not sure why I was so nervous; guess it was just one of those things…

Anyway, school is pretty cool so far. It’s a lot more laid back than last year which, if you were at my school last year, you would understand and actually kind of appreciate. Of course there are those girls who feel like they need to either wear their church clothes to class or virtually wear nothing at all (not me, of course), the hormonal guys who will flirt with anything moving, and the freshman who look like deer in headlights…so, I guess you can say things are fairly normal ha.
My teachers seem to be pretty nice, the band is going pretty well so far, and I’ve actually made a few new friends and acquaintances, so I guess you can say I’m having a pretty good start!
Well, I just wanted to update you guys on what was happening during my first week of classes! Have you guys started back? How are things going for you?

6 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. Good luck in school! I am glad I am not having to go to college any more. I learn all the time, but always did better in independent study courses or online courses. Don't forget to have fun as well 🙂

  2. Thanks, I'm gonna need it! This is my last year of college so I'm considering just doing classes, but we'll see. I'm trying to have fun haha.

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