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Weekly Blessings: Week #3

Good morning, and welcome to another week of Weekly Blessings!

This week was an interesting one for me, to say the least. I had started off earlier this week, thinking I knew exactly what I was going to talk to you guys about; however, God had other plans for me.

This week was the first week for the Bible study with my family (Shout out to the Harrell Girls!) and the first week I’ve really began to understand how important it is to really grab a hold of God and to not let go. As you know, whenever God’s children try to make efforts to expand the kingdom, Satan gets busy trying to hinder it any way he can.

This week I dealt with a lot of mental and emotional anguish. Anybody who knows me understands that I’m a thinker; something is constantly on my mind. And I think Satan knows this too, which is why that is always the first thing he tries to come for. I was getting better at blocking it, but it was a real struggle this time! I began to think about my life, mistakes I made in the past, and things I still need help with. It was as if my mind starting telling me that I was worthless, not good enough, and a lost cause. You may think I’m joking, but these are seriously some of the things I had going through my head. These thoughts altered my emotions and how I interacted with other people; they began to take me over.

After much prayer, more thinking, and venting to a friend, I realized: I need to check myself! I apparently forgot who I am, and I don’t mean “My name is Jessica and I’m a college student…blah, blah, blah,” I mean who I am in Christ: I am a child of the King…..THE King (1 Peter 2:9), I am His special creation (Ephesians 2:10), and He knows me well (Psalm 139:1-4). I could go on and on about what God says, but I’ll leave it at those few examples ha. 🙂

When I learned to accept those things and understand that God loves me and wants a relationship with me, I finally understood that, without Him, nothing else matters. Just like my favorite verse, Isaiah 40:8, says, “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” No matter what anybody says about me, I know who I am in God, and His word never fails.

With all that being said, I decided yesterday to recommit myself to Christ. I am determined to get this thing right and see it through. I am determined to take my rightful place in the body of Christ! Who’s with me?!

Did you have a week like I did? Were you given a word you’d like to share this week? Comment below and tell me about what God has given you!

If you’d like to contribute a song, verse or guest post, I can be reached via Facebook,  TwitterEmail, or just comment below and I’ll make sure you to get in touch!

Hope you guys have a great week! God Bless!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Blessings: Week #3

  1. That is really great Jessica! With the purpose God has for you..unfortunately… Well let me say it like this..it is hard to be attacked..but its good that you are..because it shows that the enemy is threatened by what you are doing..which means you are on the right track..if life was just a breeze..then something would be wrong..just put on your full armor of God…stand strong and never forget who you are in God again…the enemy only has power if you give it to him! God's got you..and you got this! Amen!

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