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Weekly Blessings: Week #2

Happy Sunday, folks! Welcome back to week number two of Weekly Blessings!
This week has been really good for me simply because I really was able to see how my relationship with God has been improving. There was a time in my life when I really felt like I wasn’t able to talk to God. In my head I had to be at a certain level in my walk or there was some certain way that I had to approach him. Fortunately I’ve grown to learn that this was entirely untrue! Over the past couple years I’ve learned that my God is custom-made. I mean, think about it: with most other religions that I know there’s some sort of limitation when it comes to speaking to their god(s): either you need a priest or you have to be male or you have to be a virgin….the list goes on. But with God you don’t have to be anything;  He asks us to come exactly as we are (Matthew 11:28, Mathew 16:24, Revelation 22:17). Male, female, rich, poor, virgin, non-virgin. Whatever state we are in, God is willing to listen as long as we are willing to talk (Psalms 145:18) . We don’t even have to speak a certain way! Spanish, English, Greek, Dutch, or even your own made-up language, God understands; He’s the one who created everything in the universe, how would He not understand something that He made?! This is the main reason we shouldn’t be afraid to approach Him! He wants us to talk to Him. He’s our Father, and like any parent, He wants a close bond with His children.  He wants us to share our wildest dreams and fears with Him; He wants to comfort us during hard times and rejoice with us during the good times. I guess you could say he’s the ultimate helicopter parent (just not as annoying or overbearing)! 
God made the first move simply by creating you, not to mention the fact that He sent His son to save the entire world, which includes you(John 3:16, Romans 8:1-39)! Now it’s your turn; will you make your move?
~James 4:8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.
Hope you enjoyed our Second week! What did He do for you this week? Want to expand on what I discussed? Comment below! And don’t forget, if you’d like to contribute a song or verse or even guest post, I can be reached via FacebookTwitter, or Email, or just comment below and I’ll make sure you to get in touch!

21 thoughts on “Weekly Blessings: Week #2

  1. Thank you! Great post! Interesting observation I made lately is that some conversations with Him are short like Nehemiah in Nehemiah 2 while other's are long like Jesus and His multiple all night prayers. Also in any relationship conversation is mandatory. You wouldn't expect a husband and wife; parent and child; siblings; or even best friends to keep their relationship without talking, but so many go days and day without talking to the Lord who created them. Then there are others that talk and talk and never listen through study of His words.

  2. Another great blessing! Even we as Christians sometimes forget that it's not all about having a well rehearsed prayer.it's about having a prayer life. Just talk!'

  3. i think i used to feel the same way… and sometimes still do at times.. but when i read the psalms i see how david just says whatever he wants.. and mostly complains haha.. so i've tried over the past few years just to say whatever was on my mind.. instead of feeling like i had to package it all nicely. he already knows right?

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