To Hit or Not to Hit?

I usually never watch The View, but I managed to catch the episode when the women were discussing the Stephen A. Smith controversy with him discussing football player Ray Rice’s suspension after he was caught on camera dragging his then fiance out of an elevator unconscious. If you want to read the whole story on that, here’s an article from Yahoo! that explains the situation. The video below also shows Smith’s and Goldberg’s comments.

Now most of the women on The View said that Stephen Smith had no place discussing the topic and was wrong in his belief that it was okay for men to hit women. Whoopi Goldberg, however, disagreed. And, honestly, I understand why.

Goldberg and Smith weren’t condoning men beating women; they were simply stating that females don’t need to go around hitting on guys and not expecting to get hit back. No, it isn’t right to hit women; everyone, I hope, knows that. But we as women need to remember that not all men where taught that or care to keep that principle in mind. The whole thing honestly sounds like such an elementary idea, so I don’t understand why people are arguing so much over it.

Let’s be real here: if you choose to fight a man, be prepared to be fought like a man. Now if your life is on the line, you need to defend yourself, but don’t just roll up on him just because you have something to prove. Don’t go up and smack him around, and then when you get popped you wanna call the police. For every action there is a reaction. Nobody should be hitting on anybody, period.

And like Sherri Shepherd said, I don’t understand how that woman, after being done like she was by him, was able to go on and marry him that next week. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t care if he was my fiance; this man knocked me out and dragged me out of an elevator….AND if was caught on camera!And to me, how do we know his hasn’t happened before? I couldn’t marry him. I would have to at least postpone the wedding so I could get myself together.

What do you guys think?

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