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Rap’s Most Rotten: My Take

Hey guys! I’ve posted a video by the Trackstarz before, and I had to share this one too. This one is called, “Raps Most Rotten,” and it discusses the genre of Hip-Hop and how it could be fixed. The main question they’re asking is, is you could take out any three rap artists from the entire genre, who would you remove in order to make rap better, meaning less negative(drugs, lust, bragging,ect..)?

Watch below to see their responses:
I thought they gave some really good, valid arguments. I can’t necessarily go decade by decade like they did because I’m too young and that’s a lot of research to do. However, I would probably eliminate Lil Kim(promiscuity), Lil Wayne(lust), and Rick Ross(blasphemy). But hey, that’s just my opinion.
Do you agree with me or the Trackstarz? Who would you pick? 

27 thoughts on “Rap’s Most Rotten: My Take

  1. hmmm…interesting! i don't listen to a lot of rap, but the artists you mentioned definitely contribute to some negativity with the genre!

  2. interesting! i don't know who i would eliminate.. usually if i don't like the lyrics i don't listen to them so it hasn't bothered me much. though…i think i can still appreciate it from a musicality standpoint even if i don't like the message.

  3. DMX. Anyone who barks is a no. Lil' Wayne is totally disgusting. But I think it would be interesting to flip this and do "Rap's Most Respectable" – Common, Tupac and Chamillionaire are my initial nominees.

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