Band Camp 2014

Well guys, I got my band camp letter today…..*dum dum dum*
For those of you who aren’t in college band, or band in general, this is a bittersweet moment. On one hand it’s exciting because it means that marching season (my favorite) has returned, you’ll get to see all your band homies again, and you’ll actually have your life back!
…or is that just me? Ok.
At the same time it kind of sucks because it means that you have to get ready to be outside in the blazing sun, learning sets and trying not to pass out or flash anybody cause your shorts start getting stuck in uncomfortable places.
…..that might just be me again.  Oh well.
Anyway, even if you’re an old pro at the whole band camp thing, it still seems as if you’re never fully prepared for it. Maybe it’s just the heat, I don’t know. I’ve been in band since the 6th grade and have loved every minute of it; but band camp always makes me reconsider whether I want to do it anymore. Never fails. 
I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of information and links on how to prepare your body for band camp. Why not? Because, if you’re anything like me, chances are you’ll either stop reading or you’ll read, but never follow through with any of it because you’re just that lazy. I completely understand.
Instead, I’ve decided to give you a short list on what to expect from yourself and other during band camp:
  1. As mentioned earlier, there will come a point during camp when you will regret signing up. 
  2. You will hate your band director and cuss them out in your head at least once during camp.
  3. You will hate your fellow band members and cuss them out…..I can’t say whether you will do this in your head or not….during band camp.
  4. If you’re a brass player, you will feel as if your lips have been run over by a bulldozer with sandpaper wheels. Yes, the struggle is real.
  5. If you’re a woodwind….I don’t really know. I’m a trumpet player, so I can’t relate. I guess you guys just get tired of waiting on the brass to play their parts right….
  6. If you’re percussion….get ready, because you’re the main ones everybody wants to cuss out. Just sayin’.
  7. When band camp is finally over, you will be happy you went through it and actually come to realize that you actually kind of enjoyed it.
Crazy, right?
Well any who, I hope all you band geeks out there have a great band camp and an even better marching season!

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