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What Not to Wear: Hips Edition

So I was on Twitter last night, and if you’re like me, there’s always that one person, company, or blog that either you follow or someone you follow retweeted that makes you feel like all you’re meant to wear are sweatpants and massive t-shirts. I’ve never been one to follow trends, but there are some fashions coming out that I would love to wear….but I can’t. Why? Cause not all of these fashions are flattering on curvy girls.

Now, what exactly is classified as curvy? When I think curvy, I don’t necessarily think about size; I think about body type. I just want to make this clear because some people aren’t sure what curvy means. There are two main misconceptions about curvy girls:

  1. If you shop plus-size, you’re curvy
    • This is a big no! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of curvy plus sized women, but that doesn’t mean they all are. Trust me, you can be plus sized and have no shape. 
  2. Skinny girls aren’t curvy
    • False! I’m not the skinniest, nor am I plus sized, but I have curves. How? I’m pear-shaped with big hips. If you saw me in person, I’m sure you’d agree. Curves are natural, whether bigger or smaller; you can’t help it. 
Now that we’ve covered that, let’s discuss the four main things to not wear.

  • No no #1: High-waisted shorts. Now don’t get me wrong, these can be cute, but if you’re like me this is most definitely a trend to stay away from! I have hips and thighs, and it’s already hard enough finding a decent pair of shorts to wear, high waisted shorts don’t do anything but make my problems even worse. Not to mention the fact that if you have a smaller waist you have to wear a belt with them, which makes it look awkward on some people (by “some people,” I mean me). 
  • No no #2: Tight, long skirts. This trend is actually okay for hippy people, as long as it’s done the right way. I get so tired of seeing girls, some hippy, some not so hippy, walking around with these skirts on, knowing that they’re two sizes too small! Yes, I know they stretch, but sometimes stretch isn’t enough, especially for women with hips. If I can see your underwear (which is usually also too small), then you KNOW you wrong! I’d suggest maybe….if you could manage….GETTING YOUR SIZE….or maybe even getting a size larger. Usually those skirts don’t really change too much if you get one size larger, plus you’ll have growing room in case your expand a bit ;).
  • No no #3: Running shorts. Now I’ve seen this a million times, and I have yet to see any girl with hips pull it off. You know those cute shorts with the slit in the hip that those girls wear? Yea….run from those as if your life depends upon it! Those really expose your hips, and that’s not always a good thing. You can sleep in them, but please don’t wear them in public.
  • No no #4: Yoga pants. Ah, yoga pants…..no. Yoga pants aren’t even used for exercise anymore; girls just wear them to gain attention now. I guess it’s a non-hippy’s dream. However, hippy girls, please listen to me: You don’t need yoga pants! By nature, we gain attention for what we naturally have anyway. We don’t need any more spectators. Save your money, don’t worry about yoga pants.
Remember, this is from personal experience. I’m not going to tell you what you can wear, because everyone is different; one hippy girl may be able to pull off something another can’t. It all depends on your body type. However, the four “No nos” above, are pretty universal. Save your dignity. 
Are you a hippy girl? Do you agree or disagree with my list? Have anything to add? Comment, and voice your opinion!

20 thoughts on “What Not to Wear: Hips Edition

  1. i love these four rules. .i'd call me 'half-hippy', because i'm pretty well balanced with my shoulders and hips but these hips do cause problems with skirts, jeans, shorts….. anyway, i love yoga pants, but i don't go out in public in them. =) comfy is key at HOME not in the stores. heh.

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