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Hey guys! I’m excited to announce that I was nominated for my very first blogger award, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, a few days ago! I would like to thank Orly, from Coffee Beans and High Heels, who nominated me. I really appreciate it, thank you! Orly’s blog covers a little bit of everything, and that’s what makes it awesome! You guys should go check her out!

  • Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate fifteen other amazing blogs and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them (provide a link to your post).
  • This rule is optional – you can proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog (e.g. on your sidebar) and also follow the blogger that nominated you.
  1. Unlike most people, I don’t really have a favorite color. I usually like blue, black, and purple (which, ironically, a friend of mine pointed out, are the colors of a bruise….creepy).
  2. I love weird food combinations. I’ll mix anything together and try it…seriously haha
  3. I’m a huge genealogy geek. I’ve been tracing my family tree since I was 10.
  4. I honestly used to be completely anti-blog. I guess I didn’t think I was interesting enough to keep a blog up, I dunno. I just didn’t think it was anything I wanted to do until I actually tried it. It’s actually pretty cool :).
  5. I LOVE music. Doesn’t matter what genre, I love it. I’m even in my college band, where I play trumpet.
  6. I am the youngest of four girls
  7. In a recent DNA test, I discovered that I am part Aborigine, which is pretty cool 🙂
  1. Alexandria of WeLiftYourName
  2. Beth of The British Girl
  3. oneworship of What I Think I Know About Worship
  4. Brown Girls Hair
  5. Samantha of The Lazy Girl Guide
  6. Meghan of freshfaced
  7. Amelia of BittyTidbits
  8. Sarah of Shades of Sarah
  9. Mandisa of Curl Power 
  10. KayCee of Double Decker Books
  11. Laura of The Laura Way
  12. Marissa of MariMaskScara
  13. Myrabev Mia of A July Dreamer
  14. Mikhaela K. of Too Curvy to Care
  15. The many amazing contributors to Black Girl Nerds

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