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Honored Journals Campaign

My sister, Miranda, and I

Hey guys, just wanted to make you aware of a fundraiser that is currently taking place.

My sister, Miranda, has always been passionate about journals. She has always used her journals as a way to express her deepest thoughts and emotions, and she wants to give that gift to others. As a result, she is stepping out on faith and has decided to develop her own line of journals. However, she needs help reaching her dream. She she currently selling “Royalty” t-shirts in order to help fund her dream. The shirts come in all sizes and are available for both men and women. Even if you do not want a shirt but would still like to help out, donations are also greatly appreciated.

My sister and I would really appreciate your help. And who knows, if you help us out, I may host a giveaway and offer up the chance the give you a free Honored journal!

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