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Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, guys!! I’m not a big scary movie person and never will be, so I’m not big into the whole, ‘Jason’s gonna come kill me’ hype. However, I read on The Huffington Post that there’s gonna be a rare full moon tonight, which is pretty exciting. You don’t wanna miss out on this one; another full moon showing itself on Friday the 13th won’t happen again for another 35 years. But, according to Fox News, if you’re a selenophic or friggatriskaidekaphobic, my apologies; I’m sure today is extremely stressful for you (I’ll let you figure out what the phobias are. The answers can be found in the link to Fox News).

Nonetheless, today is another day, and with another day comes another opportunity to learn something new! And what better way to learn than by playing a game! Below is a YouTube video where Rhett & Link (Yes, I know I use them all the time…they’re awesome!) sit down and go over facts to determine whether or not they are true about Friday the 13th.

Need some more Friday the 13th trivia? Click here to read about more crazy facts about this peculiar day.

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