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Baby Names

I recently heard that rapper Lil’ Kim gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The emergence of a new life into the world is always something to celebrate, but what’s usually the first thing everybody wants to know? What’s the baby’s name?! Well, Lil’ Kim named her daughter…..drumroll please…*drumroll*….Royal Reign!!!

Shocked? I’m not. Lil’ Kim is one of those girly and unpredictable females, so I’m honestly not that surprised by the extravagant name but I will say that I am impressed by her name choice. Most celebrities would have taken it to the extreme (I don’t think I have to remind you….Rainbow Aurora….Pilot Inspektor….Blue…those poor children), but she kept it fairly tame compared to her fellow stars and starlets. And although I personally wouldn’t have chosen Reign, Royal seems fairly decent. Would I name my kid that? ….probably not, but it is very creative. It’s like she’s already spoken a bright future over her child. Quite interesting if you ask me. 
Congrats Lil’ Kim!

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