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Words of Wisdom

Well I had an interesting last night at school….

Just some words of wisdom: never…..and I mean NEVER EVER…..lower yourself to fight over a guy. It’s not worth it at all,trust me. Some girls do it and seriously feel as if they are proving themselves and that they won. Let’s face reality,guys: you didn’t do anything but make yourself look like a ratchet little girl who has no self worth. If you really wanna prove something, show that guy that you can be just as fine without him. Be mature,point blank. I don’t know about you guys, but if that man isn’t my best friend, my father, or God, I’m not gonna risk catching a case. It’s just not worth it!

I beg of you ladies, have respect for yourselves. If you have to fight for him,he was never yours to have in the first place. God wouldn’t make you have to go through that much mess if that man is for you. Just chill and let it be.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a man’s point of view on the subject, as written by Stephen Labossiere in his blog post on the same topic.

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