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New Music Discovery!!

So,have you guys seen that Reebok commercial that has the girl coming in from a workout or something and goes into the shower,forgetting she has shoes on? Yea….I understand if you don’t; wasn’t that memorable for me either. Here’s the commercial to jog your memory:

Now that you finally know what I’m talking about, tell me: what did you remember most from that commercial? If you’re like me, that song is now stuck in your head,and you probably will be singing it for the rest of the day. I feel your pain, because it happened to me too! As I result, I decided to embark upon a quest to find this song!

After a 5-minute Google search, I found it! The song is entitled “Bam Bam”  by Dancehall DJ/singer, Sister Nancy. Afterwards, I listened to the whole song on YouTube,and I liked it! Then came Spotify, where I discovered some of her other works, and I instantly became a fan! Below is the full song,”Bam Bam.” If you like that song, you should definitely look into some more of her stuff, and if you like it,let me know!

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